City Council Denies Homeowners Ability to Collectively Sell Property

A lack of sidewalks, no street access and traffic noise may not mean Sheridan Boulevard is prime real estate for single-family homes these days, but four properties near 17th and Sheridan will remain that way for the foreseeable future. Denver City Council members voted 11-2 to deny a rezoning request that would have allowed the owners to collectively sell their properties and potentially pave the way for higher-density housing.

The proposal was met with opposition from some neighbors however, especially those in the Jewish community who live nearby. In a neighborhood where almost everyone agrees there is a need for more housing options, is the vote reflective of development out-of-step with the community, a classic case of NIMBYism, a rejection of a well-intentioned but flawed proposal or something else?

Full story coming in the first print edition of The North Denver Star.


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