DPS Calendar Results: Families, Staff Prefer 3-Day Fall Break, Week at Thanksgiving

At the beginning of the school year, Denver Public Schools released a districtwide survey asking families for feedback on the school year calendar. The survey closed Sept. 13 and the district received 2,227 responses, with 44% of the responses being from parents or students. Other respondents included teachers and other school staff, as well as community members.

When asked about preferences for when the district’s fall and Thanksgiving breaks happen, 71% of respondents indicated that they would prefer a 3-day fall break in October and a one-week break at Thanksgiving. Only 25% of respondents indicated that they would prefer the converse, with a one-week fall break in October and a 3-day break at Thanksgiving.

Tell us what you do when your kids are out of school for fall and Thanksgiving breaks. Do breaks create a financial and logistical hardship for your family with working parents, or does your family appreciate the opportunity to take time off and share it together? If your kids are out of school and you’re working, do you utilize the district’s Discovery Link out-of-school programming or take advantage of other organized activities?

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