Opening a Dispensary is All About Good Chemistry

There’s no bulletproof glass or teller window when you walk into Good Chemistry, LoHi’s newest cannabis dispensary. The landmark designated building built in the 1890s may have a classic stone facade outside, but the inside feels more like the entrance to a modern spa.

For owner Mathew Huron, the cause and the product is more important than the decor though. Huron began his career in cannabis in California after his father was diagnosed with HIV. In the early days of medicinal marijuana, Huron found a passion for helping those in pain find relief.

Huron moved to Colorado in 2009 and founded Wellspring Collective, which catered to seniors with health challenges. Today, Good Chemistry operates medicinal and recreational marijuana businesses in California, Colorado and Massachusetts. 

Education is also a key factor for Good Chemistry, which produces educational booklets to help newer cannabis customers not be overwhelmed by the options that can bombard someone walking into a dispensary for the first time. Their S.T.A.T.S booklet walks customers through “Sight, Touch, Aroma, Taste and Sensation” of understanding marijuana products.

Good Chemistry opened Oct. 30 at 2563 15th St., #103, in the Lower Highlands. Adults 21 and older can find them online at

Photos courtesy of Good Chemistry.


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