Durrah: Food for Thought at Acova, Cool New Spot

Hello, North Denver! So, today, we start our journey of great local restaurants in our neighborhoods. A few weeks ago, I decided that I would cruise my neighborhood on an electric scooter until I found a place that was popping with energy and vibrant with color.

Scott Durrah

It was a perfect Fall afternoon, about 65 degrees, as I was coasting feeling irie. And then, all of a sudden, my scooter died; no power. I was a little distraught because my vibe had been interrupted. I was at the corner of West 37th Avenue and Navajo Street, and remembered that one of my favorite old school Italian restaurants, Patsy’s, was just a few feet away.

To my surprise, I saw this cool new spot, with an amazing outdoor bar and patio area. I also noticed loud laughter and joyous conversation. When I looked up, it was not Patsy’s, but an amazing spot called Acova. My first impression was “wow, this is cool.” So, I decided to have a seat at the bar and just enjoy the vibe. The patio area had several groups that were drinking, sharing small plates and just enjoying the afternoon. I heard someone at the table say, “Man, you got to try this.” I didn’t know what it was, but it led me to ask for a menu — in fact, all of the menus so I could see what this place has to offer.  

I also noticed an area in the back of the patio that had a large family with kids who appeared to be playing in a separate area. I sincerely felt I was at the park, having a great picnic with friends. Well, from there, I ended up having an ice-cold beer and ordering a few appetizers, salad and a delicious sandwich. The food was fresh, well presented, great flavor, and complimented by the friendly and knowledgeable staff. 


I was able to have a discussion with one of the owners who shared with me that they promised Patsy’s family that they would preserve as much of the original restaurant interior and building as possible. Well, they nailed it! The interior is as warm and welcoming as their patio, with the feel of old North Denver architecture including the brick walls.

This place is great year-round for family, friends, business or just a guy or gal who wants to take a scooter ride and have a cocktail at the bar. Its location has plenty of street parking and is much more quiet than other areas in North Denver. I would suggest sharing many of their appetizers with friends and can’t wait for my next visit. 

Acova is located at 3651 Navajo St., and can be reached at 303-736-2718 and Acovarestaurant.com

Acova Restaurant

Scott Durrah is a proud resident, chef, restaurateur and cannabis business owner in North Denver for 15 years. He previously owned Jezebel’s Southern Bistro and 8 Rivers, and currently owns Simply Pure. 


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