Durrah: It’s a Doggie Dog World

Happy Holidays to all of our readers and their families! 

Before I write each article, I normally take a stroll in North Denver and wait for something to jump out and inspire me. This time, it happened twice in the same day and came from my dogs during one of our long walks. Let me share with you that my wife and I are dog lovers. We have opened our home to more than 40 dogs and truly believe in the unconditional love they share. Hell, if people loved like dogs, it would be a much better world; something to think about!

Author Scott Durrah and family

Over the last several years, North Denver’s dog population has also exploded as we have opened our homes and neighborhoods to our four-legged friends. Many of your neighbors know each other based on each other’s dogs. You can literally say “It’s a Doggie Dog World.”

So, with that being said, I was taking my two Basset Hounds (Isabel and Jezebel) and English Bulldog (Cornelius) for a walk in the Highlands near West 32nd Avenue and Lowell Boulevard. I was waiting for that inspiration to hit me, and finally looked down at my pack and asked them for help. They all started barking and wagging their tails as they stopped outside of the Taj Mutt Hal. Of course, it’s a dog gourmet shop and toy store that any dog would love! And here I am, forgetting that man and woman’s best friends also have cool places to shop, snack and hang out with other dogs during the holidays.

Chef Durrah

So, this article is a shout out to all of the pet shops in our neighborhoods that allow us to pamper our dogs and cats. Many of the shop owners are locals and just love animals. I got so excited that I visited other shops like Three Dog Bakery, Simpawtico, Mouthfuls, Biscotti Hound Dog Biscuit Bakery and Tejon Pet Shop over the next few days and shopped ’til I dropped! I mean, wow! I was amazed at the variety of treats, gifts, toys, leashes, collars and stuff for pet owners. Each store had something different to offer. Many of the shops also offered pet services from grooming, boarding and doctor visits, as well as dog walkers.  

It was just a lot of fun meeting my neighbors and being around a group of dog lovers and business owners who care so much for pets and their welfare. That is why I want each of you to visit one of the many pet shops in North Denver and spend those Christmas dollars on your best friend. Let’s also open up our homes to adopt a new dog or cat or donate to one of the many shelters in Denver, especially during the holidays. If you see a stray, bring them home for a warm meal and bed; the cold is when they need us the most. Let’s make this “love our pets” month and support those who also love our pets. 

By the way, my doggies gave a Four Paw review for the snacks at the shops I mentioned above.

Unconditional love always and happy holidays!

Scott Durrah is a proud resident, chef, restaurateur and cannabis business owner in North Denver for 15 years. He previously owned Jezebel’s Southern Bistro and 8 Rivers, and currently owns Simply Pure. 


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