Protecting Against Package Theft

The term “porch pirate” may sound cute, but robberies are likely again on the rise in Denver, which is one of the top cities for package thefts in the country. The combination of the holiday season and more people ordering everyday household items online means delivery trucks are a nearly daily sight on most streets. 

“It’s a pretty big problem, not just in Denver, but nationwide,” said Officer Bob Anderson, a community resource officer with the Denver Police Department. Anderson said porch thefts are an underreported crime and encourages anyone who has had a package stolen to contact the police in addition to the company they ordered from. 

He also has advice on how to avoid package thefts in the first place:

  • Good lighting on your front porch: Thieves are less likely to go up to well-lit houses and neighbors are more likely to notice them.
  • Doorbell cameras: Increasingly common, especially in newly-built homes, doorbell cameras have dramatically come down in price. They may deter thieves and can collect vital evidence to help identify thieves who do steal packages.
  • Consider shipping 0ptions: Do you work in an office that allows you to accept packages? That can be more secure than home delivery. Signature-required delivery may be less convenient, but it means packages won’t be left when you’re not home. If ordering from Amazon, they have a half dozen locker locations in North Denver that packages can be shipped to instead of home delivery.

If you see a crime being committed, call 911. If you need to report a crime in a nonemergency situation, call 720-913-2000 to file a report.


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