Tips on Preventing Personal Property Theft

Greetings to all the residents and businesses in Northwest Denver from Denver Police District #1.

Officer Bob Anderson

What a month it has been. I sincerely hope that everyone is doing the best that they can with all of the challenges and changes in our community. DPD District #1 is committed to this community and keeping all of the residents and businesses safe. We are continually adapting with the recommended health related advisories and instructions. We truly appreciate our community participating as well, as this is truly a team effort.
This month I wanted to share some reminders related to activity that can easily be avoided by taking some simple proactive steps.  These reminders are good to think about while we are in the spring and summer months.

·        Theft from motor vehicles. If your vehicle is broken into, it certainly is not a good day as there are many things to deal with after such as repairs, insurance claims, replacement of documents and personal items. DPD urges residents to NEVER leave items of value inside a vehicle that are clearly visible from the outside. Taking a few extra seconds to take items inside or securing them properly makes a big difference and will certainly make your vehicle less of a target for would be thieves. Please always keep your windows up and your doors locked if your vehicle is unoccupied, even if it is on your own driveway or in a garage. If the vehicle is parked outside, try to park in an area that has lighting as that is a very simple theft prevention technique.

·        Garage Burglaries. With the nice weather we notice that there are many residential and business garages that are left open and unattended. There are many tempting items in garages that are an easy score for criminals. DPD recommends keeping your garages closed at all times when not actively in use, even when home. Please enjoy this nice weather and keep your tools, bicycles and whatever else is your garage where they belong —  to you. If you live in an apartment please make sure that unauthorized vehicles or individuals are not entering along with you.

·        Package Thefts. Online shopping and delivery is more prevalent now than ever. Please take the time to arrange deliveries so they arrive when you are at the delivery location. If you are unable to coordinate a delivery time, consider alternatives such as secure delivery lockers, signature required deliveries, neighbor’s residences or even your workplace if your workplace allows that option. Avoid having to re-order items that never make it into your hands. Keep an eye on things with a doorbell camera. 

If you are unfortunately a victim of any of these crimes listed, DPD urges you to report them as soon as possible. Reporting is helpful even on minor incidents as sometimes a minor report can help solve multiple incidents.

DPD District 1 values our partnership with the community and until next month, stay safe and healthy.

Officer Bob

Bob Anderson # 04109 | Community Resource Officer
Denver Police District 1, 1311 W. 46 th Ave. Denver, CO 80211| City and County of Denver
District 1 Community Resource Officer Bob Anderson who is a Denver Native and had served the Citizens of Denver since 2004. 


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