Protecting Your Bicycle Against Theft

Happy August to the residents of Northwest Denver.  Denver Police District 1 is hopeful that everyone is continuing to have a safe and healthy summer with all the challenges that are currently occurring.

I want to share some simple tips this month regarding bicycle theft prevention and identification. Bicycle usage continues to increase as a healthy activity and as a mode of transportation which is very beneficial. But with that, there has also been an increase in bicycles being stolen. Many people invest a great amount of money and time in their bicycles and some simple steps can be taken to make them more secure and easier to recover if it is unfortunately stolen.

●   Don’t ever leave your bicycle outside unattended and unlocked. Whenever possible, store your bicycle inside your residence, a locked garage or a locked storage shed.

●   If you must leave your bicycle outside, secure it with a quality bike lock such as a U-Type Lock and secure it to something that can’t be moved.

●   A good place to put some type of owner information is in the hollow tube underneath the bicycle seat (business card, phone number)

●   Please take a few minutes and register your bicycle. This is a great help if your bicycle ever becomes lost or stolen. This can be completed at and it is very simple and free.

●   An additional self-record of your bicycle is what we describe as a FLIP-SNAP-SELFIE.

FLIP your bicycle over and find the serial number.  SNAP a photo of the serial number. Take a SELFIE with your bicycle.  This way you have a visual record of your bicycle which greatly helps in recovery efforts.

Until next month,

Officer Bob


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