September 2020 Letter to the Editor: Vote Yes on 2J

Vote Yes on 2J on your November ballot to end Denver’s ban on pit bulls and implement responsible permitting where the dog is judged, not the breed.

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30 years ago Denver implemented a ban on all dogs that looked like pit bull type dogs, and this ban has cost the City of Denver nearly $6 million to enforce and it hasn’t made Denver any safer. Breed specific bans don’t work, they don’t make Denver safer nor do they encourage responsible dog ownership. The majority of dog bites occurring in Denver are not from pit bull type dogs, Denver needs to turn it’s focus to regulating animals based on their existing dangerous dog law instead of banning an entire type of dog based on their appearance.

2J will end the ban on dogs who look like pit bulls and replace it with a special breed-restricted license. In order for dogs who look like pit bulls to qualify for this license, dogs will need to be microchipped, neutered or spayed, limited to only two per household and owners will be required to notify animal control if their dog escapes or bites anyone. If after three years the dog hasn’t had any issues, they will be able to be registered like any other dog in Denver.

2J is a way to keep Denverites safe while still allowing responsible dog owners to enjoy their best friends in our city limits.

Danielle Glover
Highland Resident 


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  1. My husband and I had to move outside of Denver because our dogs physically resemble Pit Bulls, that is all that is required for them to be euthanized. Denver can not be a true progressive city with this racist breed ban. Especially now. If you stand for Breonna Taylor and countless others being killed due to race, stop these murders now! Dogs don’t have a voice. We must speak for them.

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