Duas Jewelry Atelier, A New Sloan’s Lake Storefront

The article below is an interview I conducted with the owner of a new business in Sloan’s Lake, Raquel Paiz of Duas Jewelry Atelier. I’ll refer to myself as Sloan’s Lake Agent, “SLA” and Raquel as “RP”. We hope you’ll check out the store and welcome Raquel to the neighborhood!

SLA: How did you get into the jewelry business?

RP: I have always loved to work and make things with my hands. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been passionate about creating jewelry. I remember digging in my grandma’s jewelry box to pick up old pieces and transform them into something new. Only in my twenties did I realize that I could transform raw metals into shapes that I wanted. Since then, I haven’t been able to stop making jewelry! Time goes fast and I already have 10 years of metal-smithing experience. 

Raquel Paiz, Co-owner of Duas Jewelry Atelier

SLA: On your website, I read that you’re from Brazil. How did you end up in Denver? 

RP: I fell in love with a Colorado Boy. He lived in Brazil with me for three years. We got married and he decided that it was time for me to experience his world and culture. So… here I am 😉

SLA: Your latest collection uses oxidized silver and pearls, and I noticed that you make a point to use recycled or ethically sourced materials. Love it. Could you tell us more about that decision and how it impacts your work?

RP: I believe that now, more than ever, everyone needs to be more environmentally responsible. The raw materials I use to make my jewelry comes from nature.  Using recycled / traceable metals and ethically sourced gemstones as much as possible is a way to reduce my footprint. Also, jewelry is something that will last forever, which also reduces waste. It’s a responsible way to consume both quality and quantity!

SLA: Is there a story/message behind the name of your studio, Duas Jewelry Atelier? 

RP: Duas is a shared shop between two jewelry artists, Nikki Nation and Raquel Paiz. It’s a cute and modern space where we have our studio in the back and a shop in the front.  Duas in Portuguese means “two”, but it’s the feminine version. When you want to say “two women” in Portuguese, you say “duas mulheres”. The number 2 is also known to numerologists as a supremely feminine force; one that represents both grace and power. After long brainstorming sessions, this name became the perfect fit for us. Welcome to Duas – Jewelry Atelier. 

Lua de Cristal by Raquel Paiz

SLA: How did you and Nikki Nation find each other? Have you done any collaborations or do you always work separately? 

RP: We met through a mutual friend that is also in the jewelry business. We now work separately but we for sure plan to collaborate in the future.

SLA: Was there any reason in particular you chose to have your studio in the Sloan’s Lake area?

RP: It was destiny 🙂

SLA: How do you find your customers, and how do they find you?

RP: Before the pandemic, I was doing local shows, which was a great way to connect and get to know people. I’m a people person, so imagine how I’m struggling with this social distancing thing! Now, people can find me at Duas and I also sell online through my website, www.raquelpaiz.com.

In addition to Raquel’s website you can also find her using the accounts below:

Instagram: @raquelpaizjewelry
Facebook: @raquelpaizjewelry
Pinterest: @quelpaizjewelry 

4936 W 29th Ave, Denver, CO 80212 
Store Hours:
Monday: Closed
Tue-Fri: 10AM – 6PM
Saturday: 10AM – 4PM
Sunday: By Appointment  www.duasjewelryatelier.com

Caitlin Clough is a resident of the West Highlands and a real estate agent servicing the Denver Metro area. She previously lived in the Jefferson Park neighborhood and contributed to their neighborhood newsletter. She and her family live in a 1930s era bungalow, and together they enjoy walks through the neighborhood, playing at Pferdesteller Park, and visiting the many wonderful Highlands area establishments.



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