Slow Cooking Meets Fast Casual at Crock Spot

Steven Smith shows off The Crock Spot which recently opened in the Sunnyside neighborhood.

If the key to a brick-and-mortar restaurant’s success in the pandemic is takeout and delivery, Steven Smith says he has a good head start. “We were one of the first 10 food trucks in Denver.” After running his restaurant Crock Spot out of food trucks, farmers’ markets, and catering, Smith said he’s ready to settle down at a permanent location in Sunnyside. The “Crock-Pot inspired” restaurant opened at the end of October at the corner of 40th and Pecos. 

Set aside your preconceived notions of what slow cookers can make though — the menu is far from your basic soups and chilis. People familiar with their food truck can look forward to finding “fan favorites from the past 10 years,” according to Smith, but also a variety of new, rotating dishes to keep the menu fresh. For everyone trying them for the first time, Smith said one thing that makes the restaurant different is the varied options from around the world, all of which have been adapted to create unique dishes. “We focus on a style of cooking, not a style of food.” Customers can choose from options ranging from a Thai jasmine fried rice topped with savory pulled pork to the vegetarian curry over quinoa with avocado velvet sauce and veggies. If none of the standard options are what you’re looking for (or you’ve already eaten them all), the build your own bowl menu allows for hundreds more combinations.

While the new location has dine-in tables and additional outdoor seating, Smith anticipates more customers choosing a delivery service or takeout for the time being. Crock Spot offers individual bowls and family style dinners for four, meaning they can be both a lunch on the go or a stop on the way home to pick up dinner. With people staying home more the next few months, he thinks their offerings are perfect for cold winter nights. With a location surrounded by homes and apartments, Crock Spot has the added benefit of a potential customer base within walking distance. Recognizing the surge in delivery this year, he’s already signed up for Grubhub and DoorDash as well for delivery across North Denver.

Check out Crock Spot’s ad below for details on how to receive 25% off your first order!

Crock Spot is located at 4045 North Pecos St in the Block Forty45 building.


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