A Regis University Student’s Guide to Denver Dining

For the College Classics

McCoy’s Diner – McCoy’s Diner quickly became a staple of my collegiate experience upon my arrival to Regis University. This diner is on Federal just a block away from the school, which made it easy to walk there with my friends at night. It has a classic diner menu, and their cinnamon rolls are uniquely gigantic. Though McCoy’s is no longer open 24 hours, they are offering limited indoor dining for those who want to give it a try.

Brooklyn’s Finest Pizza – Brooklyn’s Finest Pizza is just across the street from Regis University and makes for an easy lunch, dinner, or late-night snack. Regis University students can also receive a discount with their student ID. In my opinion, it beats out a few of the pizza chains, but I guess you’ll have to taste it to find out for yourself. Dine in, pick-up, and delivery options are available.

Las Tortugas – According to my friends, you cannot go wrong at Las Tortugas. They serve a wide variety of sandwiches and each one sounds amazing. They also have horchata and aguas frescas available. It’s a bit longer of a drive for Regis students compared to the other restaurants listed but they have delivery options as well as pick-up. 

For Something a Little Classier

Sushi Hai – One of my friends’ favorite dinner spots is Sushi Hai, which is located on 32nd and Lowell. This restaurant offers both variety and affordability, making it perfect for a college student. My friends recommend the rocket roll, which has tuna, spicy mayo, cucumber, avocado, tempura flakes, eel sauce, and sriracha. Sushi Hai currently offers pick-up via online ordering.

The NosheryThe Noshery’s convenient location at the corner of Lowell and Regis Boulevard makes it an easy spot for Regis students to grab a morning latte or a fresh slice of banana bread. I especially like their lemon poppyseed bread and chai tea latte. The magic of this little cafe continues on their back wall, which displays products from local artists and businesses. The “Nosh” is currently open for indoor and outdoor dining, pick-up, and to-go options.

Atomic Cowboy (Denver Biscuit Company and Fat Sully’s) – Atomic Cowboy has already gained the attention of national television networks, and of course, the local college population. For an inexpensive, extra-large, and extra delicious slice of Fat Sully’s pizza, stop at the window near the storefront. For savory and sweet dishes on biscuits, enter Denver Biscuit Company. My personal favorite is the Dahlia sandwich. Dine in, delivery, and pick-up options are available.

For the Sweet Tooth

Little Man Ice Cream – Little Man Ice Cream has become an iconic Denver landmark, making the parking difficult but the ice cream is worth the wait. I’m grateful for their dairy-free options, but I may be even more grateful for their milkshakes. Little Man Ice Cream is surrounded by other great restaurants and overlooks LoDo, which makes this place even more fun.

Sweet Cow – Once you’ve had dinner at Sushi Hai, walk across the street to pick up some ice cream from Sweet Cow. They have flavors that you won’t see elsewhere, and those flavors change regularly, so you might just have to go more than once. Sweet Cow also has a wide range of dairy-free options, making it even better. I’d recommend a flavor, but you can’t go wrong. Pick-up and delivery options are available.

The Bardo Coffee House – This coffee house is a perfect late-night study spot for anyone who needs to break out of their dorm or apartment. I tend to ask for the baristas to “surprise me” and I haven’t been disappointed yet, although I have yet to figure out what “secret ingredients” they claim to include. The Bardo Coffee House is currently open for indoor and outdoor dining, pick-up, to-go, and delivery options.

For the Legal Drinkers (21+)

Goldspot Brewing Company – Goldspot Brewing Company is located inside a little brick building near 50th and Lowell. I know this brewery to be a student and professor favorite, and while I’ve never tried it for myself, I’ve passed it enough to catch a glimpse of their fun, Colorado-proud atmosphere. Goldspot is now open at limited capacity for those who want to taste what is on tap.

Rocky Top Tavern – This is another student favorite given that it is close to the Regis University campus. Rocky Top Tavern is highly regarded by Regis Rangers because of their drinks and their deals, but don’t forget about their food—especially their tater tots. Rocky Top currently offers indoor and outdoor dining options.

Book Bar – As an English major and a book lover, the Book Bar holds a special place in my heart. I used to study there after ordering a mug of hot chocolate and one of their book-themed snacks. While the independent bookstore and wine bar combo is now restricted to curbside pick-up, I still recommend stopping by next time you find yourself on Tennyson Street.

Carly grew up in Colorado and feels lost without the presence of the mountains. She is now pursuing an English major and minors in secondary education and music performance. She has been published in the Regis University Highlander and in Out Front Magazine.


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  1. This was a fun read! 25 years in the neighborhood and I didn’t know about a few of these. McCoy’s french toast is amazing — can’t wait to get back there for some.

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