CU Denver Offering Sliding Scale Counseling Services for Community Members, DPS Families

“Counseling is for everyone at any point in their life. There’s no judgement or shame for seeking services,” said Dr. Lisa Forbes. An assistant clinical professor at the University of Colorado Denver, Forbes wants the public to know that CU Denver is offering counseling services to the Denver community at discounted rates to help make sessions accessible to everyone. 

While counseling sessions are normally held in the Tivoli, CU Denver is currently offering services online. Photo by David Sabados

While counseling services have previously been in the Tivoli on campus, sessions are currently remote. It’s been a tough year for a lot of people: the pandemic has of course been hard on everyone and normal activities people enjoy are limited: movies, concerts, etc. Add in a heated political session and other factors and many people have exhausted their coping mechanisms.

Forbes wants the community to know that they don’t need to have experienced trauma or other triggering factors to benefit from counselling sessions. Sometimes talking with a professional can be about setting goals or improving your life. “The stigma of counseling is what prohibits a lot of people from accessing services,” she explained. 

CU Denver’s team is offering DPS students and families sessions for only $10. The isolation of remote learning and added stress at home have been especially challenging for many students and their families. Other community members can pay on a sliding scale from $10 – $50 per session depending on income. 

Most sessions are 50 minutes in length. New patients first go through a screening to help place them with the most appropriate counselor. While Forbes says most patients find long term therapy beneficial, some people decide a few weeks or months is enough to see real benefits in their lives. “Just give it a try. See if it works for you. Give it three sessions.”

The school also offers testing services for learning disabilities, gifted and talented students, psychiatric disorders, and more for around $400, again significantly less expensive than elsewhere. 

CU Denver’s website also has a self-assessment you can fill out to decide if counseling is appropriate for you.

Interested in scheduling a time with a counselor, taking a self-assessment, or learning more about pricing and options? 

Phone: 303-315-7270


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