May 2021 Letter to the Editor

I want to thank Councilwoman Sandoval for her comments in the article on ending the sale of flavored tobacco products in Denver. Her leadership is much appreciated. Flavored tobacco products are designed to draw in young people to a lifetime of addiction to nicotine. This is the business model of the tobacco industry. Addict people when they are young, get them addicted and that addiction makes it very difficult to quit. Most smokers started smoking when they were in their teens. Don’t believe it, ask a smoker when they started.

Denver can take a leadership role in protecting public health and stand up to the tobacco industry and act to end the sale of flavored tobacco products. And remember, the tobacco industry is built on lies and that remains a foundation of that industry.

I hope city council and Mayor Hancock act quickly and decisively to end the sale of all flavored tobacco products everywhere in the city of Denver.

Tony Massaro
North Denver

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