North Denver Author Inducted Into Authors’ Hall of Fame

North Denver’s own “Godfather of Chicano Noir” Manuel Ramos is already known to many, but his most recent recognition may introduce him to readers for generations to come. Ramos is one of twelve living authors inducted into the Colorado Authors Hall of Fame in 2021. 

Manuel Ramos (left) and Ricardo LaFore (right) surprised CALMA members with the announcement that Ramos was to be inducted into the Colorado Authors Hall of Fame.
Photo by Steven Abeyta

Ramos, the author of eleven published novels and numerous other writings, is a 40-year resident of Denver’s Northside, which is reflected in his stories that take readers from Denver to Pueblo and the Eastern Plains. “It’s quite an honor to be in something that’s a hall of fame,” Ramos said in an interview with The Denver North Star. Ramos’ most recent book “Angels in the Wind,” came out earlier this year and follows the story of protagonist Gus Corral, a felon turned private eye.

Ramos’ works not only utilize North Denver as a setting, but you’ll find long-running themes of change and growth coursing through them, seen through the perspective of vibrant, dynamic Chicano characters. No longer a practicing attorney, Ramos’ first career as a lawyer also provides him the foundation for crime-themed fiction.

“The Authors’ Hall of Fame honors and promotes the works of outstanding published authors from all genres and generations to ensure their legacies will not be lost,” reads their mission statement. The Hall is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization started in 2014. Each odd numbered year, they induct a new group based on nominations.

“I think it’s important that writers of color are included,” Ramos explained. “One of the responsibilities that we writers have is that the reading public is aware of writers who might be marginalized or unheard of,” adding that he’s “gratified to see the hall of fame is looking that direction.”

For more information on Ramos, you can visit his website, check out the March 2021 edition of The Denver North Star where he was featured alongside other North Denver writers, or listen to the June 28th episode of the CityCast Denver podcast where you can hear Ramos read a selection from his recent novel.

You can find Ramos’ novels at several North Denver bookstores, at Denver Public Library locations, and probably online sellers, though, of course, we recommend purchasing from a local business or borrowing from the library.


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