Northwest Denver Bellwether for Citywide Election Results

While support for some issues like the National Western bond (2E) and the at-large school board campaigns varied across the city, almost every precinct North of Colfax and West of I-25 aligned with the majority viewpoint on every ballot item this year. 

Scott Esserman, who won a plurality of votes to become the next at-large school board member, swept North Denver. Vernon Jones, who overall finished 2nd from a strong showing in the Far Northeast, held 2nd in some Northwest Denver areas but Jane Shirley and Marla Benavides, who finished 3rd and 4th respectively, each had a stronger showing in Northwest Denver than other areas.

The most notable result of the school board elections is that every member of the new board won with the backing of the Denver Classroom Teachers Association (Denver’s teachers’ union), which is a complete change from less than a decade ago when union-backed candidates were continually losing to opponents backed by education reform groups and education reform-minded school board members dominated the board. 


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