Happy New Year From Your Community Newspaper

David Sabados

Happy New Year from all of us at The Denver North Star. Now in our third year of publishing, we’re glad to be your still locally owned and run source of news about our community. Thank you to everyone who donated to our year-end fundraising drive. We raised over $9,000 from readers, and are receiving a $5,000 matching grant facilitated by the Colorado Media Project because of the community’s generosity. Thank you for supporting community news. If you didn’t have a chance to contribute, but would still like to, you can always give at DenverNorthStar.com.

This year, we’re expanding our legislative coverage. More information about what your elected officials are doing at the capitol was a top request from readers, so we hope to provide an update on bills impacting our community and those sponsored by our legislators each month they are in session. We’ve also offered space to North Denver’s three legislators as part of our elected official updates if they would like to inform you directly in guest columns as well. 

We’re also expanding our education coverage, which was another request from many readers. We hope you enjoy this month’s articles on North High School sports, a look at CEC Early College, school choice options, and the Children’s Museum. 

On the fun, lighter side of news, we are of course planning to continue bringing you stories on local businesses, arts and entertainment, and everything else that makes our community wonderful as well.

If you have questions about something in our community, suggestions on story ideas, or otherwise want to reach out, please email news@DenverNorthStar.com, which goes to our team, or call 720-248-7327. You can also always email me directly at David@DenverNorthStar.com. We want to write what you want to read and take reader input very seriously. 

Finally, our apologies that some papers arrived late last month. Our delivery company unexpectedly closed. We pulled together a crew and finished the delivery (it was great to say hi to folks!), but we were a little behind our normal schedule. We have a new delivery company this month and hope this copy
arrives promptly.

Thank you for reading and Happy New Year.

David Sabados
Publisher and Editor
The Denver North Star & The G.E.S. Gazette


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