Holiday Theater Welcoming Back Community

Photo by David Sabados

Last fall, it was announced that the Holiday Theater on 32nd Avenue was going to be under new management: The Museum of Contemporary Art. This news followed the building’s purchase by the nonprofit Denver Cultural Property Trust started by Continuum partners, a local developer. After months of planning, the space is ready for the community to come back inside.

The MCA team brought The Denver North Star in for a sneak peak at the space. The theater itself, which was built in 1914, again features the Egyptian motif from its time as the Egyptian Theater starting in 1926. Over the years, it’s been both a movie and stage theater, a Spanish language movie theater, a Peruvian restaurant, a church, and possibly more. Museum staff said they are still learning some bits of the history themselves. Now that space will again welcome in the public for the arts.

Other areas are being transformed—the former entryway is being converted for art students to work in and the entryway is again going to be centered underneath the marquee. While plans aren’t finalized, the basement will likely serve as a workspace for artists. 

The entryway should eventually include a welcoming space with a coffee bar and light food. The theater’s full bar is reserved for more evening functions. 

The adjacent business, currently empty, will be available for commercial lease, ideally for a business with some ties to the artist community.

 The theater officially opened on April 7 with an event for local artists.


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