Kum & Go Planned For Corner Of 51st And Federal

Along the Federal Boulevard corridor, gas stations and fast food restaurants line the road situated off I-70. 

It’s a last stop for gasoline or snacks before heading to the coveted ski-land to the west. 

The lot at 5190 Federal Blvd. is 50,000 square feet, but the Kum & Go physical store planned for the space will be 4,000 square feet, according to Kum & Go spokesperson Taylor Boland. The rest of the lot will accommodate parking, pumps, underground tanks, and other materials.

The former Dollar Tree store at 5190 Federal Blvd. is poised to be a Kum & Go location in the near future. Photo: Eric Heinz

Boland said Kum & Go is still working on the details of what landscaping it will provide at the location.

The gas station, if approved through the city’s Community Planning and Development Department, will have eight total fueling stations on four dispensers with diesel, mid-grade, unleaded, and premium gasoline as well as E-15 and E-85 fuel.

There will be an electric vehicle charging station at the location, which is required by the city. The Federal Boulevard location does not plan to include a car wash, Boland said.

As far as plans for reaching out to residents living within about 500 feet of the location, Boland said, “This is still a work in process with city meetings.”

Some residents are concerned about bringing in yet another gas station to the immediate area. At the south end of this stretch of Federal, a Phillip’s 66 is located just before I-70, and a Sinclair is located near the same block as the proposed Kum & Go. Fast food and convenience stores line the road in either direction for a mile.

Elise Peterson, a 15-year resident of Chaffee Park and an affiliate Regis University faculty member, said her biggest concern is that nearby residents need a grocery store closer to them. 

“I think the biggest thing is we are in a food desert,” Peterson said. “It’s not like it’s going to be a family-owned, small gas station that’s local. It’s going to be a big conglomerate.”

Peterson said her area near 51st and 52nd avenues along federal has been a hub for gas stations and fast food, but she said there could be room for other businesses. 

“What I find interesting is that I have friends on Federal and 44th, and 15 years ago they would not have bought (their homes) over there, and now they are,” she said. “I see a rejuvenation, like on the 46th and 44th Federal corridor, but not on the 52nd and Federal corridor, and it’s just disappointing.” 

Jason Hornyak, the former president of the Chaffee Park Neighborhood Association, said he doesn’t blame the gas station businesses for coming to the area, but he said he wished there hadn’t been so many in one congested area when he lived there. He has since moved to Mayfair. 

“It’s a pretty simple, standard American story of the interstate highway impacts that have happened to our cities,” Hornyak said. “It only functions as a car-serving business and pedestrians are only an afterthought.”

It’s unclear if Kum & Go owns the land at this time. Denver City Clerk and Recorder documents show the land had several liens against it and was owned by an LLC. Kum & Go representatives did not respond before press time as to whether they had acquired the land. 

The Kum & Go website states the company is “always looking” for new real estate development opportunities. 

When The Denver North Star  visited the location on May 2, the site was occupied by people who had broken in. At least two people had broken through a lower window on a boarded up door. 



  1. I agree that a grocery store is needed for the health of the North Federal Blvd community. There are enough gas stations. I hope there is a way to change these plans of Kum and Go.

  2. I would really love a grocery store or something of that nature to go in our neighborhood instead of yet another gas station. It would be a great staple for all of us to take pride in. Please no Kum and go

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