New West Highland restaurant aims to ‘glo’ in debut 

Glo Noodle House has been making its mark in its first few months

A new restaurant featuring Asian dishes in West Highland began its story at home. 

Chef Chris Teigland said it was his mother’s tutelage that drove him from a young age to become a professional chef. 

“I always kind of spent time in the kitchen with her, but whenever she didn’t want to cook or it was, like, a late night, she would always take us out for Japanese food or different kinds of Asian cuisines,” Chris said.

Newcomer Glo Noodle House at 4450 W 38th Ave., suite 130, opened in March and features a variety of dishes from various sources of Asian cuisine.

Growing up in Chicago, Chris said there was a plethora of Asian restaurants in his neighborhood. 

“It just kind of stuck with me, something I just really enjoyed and was a big part of my childhood,” he said, adding his mother would buy him sushi cookbooks and he also explored Chinese food.

The name Glo House Noodles was inspired by Chris’ mother’s name, Gloria. 

Glo Noodle House owners Chris, right, and Ariana Teigland, center, sit inside their new West Highland restaurant, located at 4450 W. 38th Ave., suite 130. Photo: Courtesy of Monica Lloyd

The restaurant features various ramen dishes, small dishes with raw fish, and different skewers. But Chris’ wife, Ariana Teigland, said the “Deathwish Noodles” is what exemplifies the chef’s style. 

Deathwish Noodles are served with a chili-pork broth, confit bacon, onsen egg, narutomaki, green onion, bean sprouts, chili flakes, black garlic oil, chili oil, and crispy shallots, priced at $18. 

The Prime Rib Shoyu Ramen is one of many dishes chef Chris Teigland fixes at Glo Noodle House. Photo: Courtesy of Monica Llyod

“I think at the end of the day, our biggest thing was just everything you eat should be an explosion in your mouth … just super aggressively flavored,” Chris said. 

Chris said the location is perfect for him, as he had been looking for a spot adjacent to Tennyson Street. 

“There’s just always so many people walking up and down the street, but the honest truth is we looked for a spot for a year, and this was, like, the first one (where) we can actually see ourselves doing our restaurant,” he said. 

Glo Noodle House is open 4-9 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 4-10 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Happy hour is every day from 4-6 p.m. 


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