You’ve Got Mail

This month, we made the change to start delivering The Denver North Star by mail. As North Denver becomes more dense, this change allows us to reach more apartments, accessory dwelling units, and other previously inaccessible homes. It also allows us to reach single family homes directly, instead of a paper sometimes landing on the lawn near your sprinkler (sorry). Additionally, it helps us be greener. Newspapers are already fully recyclable and used in some home composting and gardening. This change also lets us utilize the postal service instead of a private delivery service, reducing vehicle usage and stray papers.

The change also changes our free delivery area slightly. We still deliver to the Denver border on the north (roughly 52nd Ave) and west (Sheridan, plus Inspiration point). Our east border continues to be the border with Globeville and downtown. Our southern border, however, is now 20th Ave instead of Colfax. If you live between Colfax and 20th, you can find papers at drop boxes around the area or sign up as a member for our delivery service. We hope to add that area back in at some point.


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