Regis University Safe Outdoor Space to Move to Barnum

By Eric Heinz

About a year after welcoming up to 60 people experiencing homelessness a night, Regis University will bid farewell to its sanctioned outdoor camping site, which is moving to Barnum by July.

This particular Safe Outdoor Space is wrapping up its lease at the site, which was originally for six months to help shelter people from the effects of COVID-19. Since then, the spaces have become part of Denver’s strategy to address homelessness.

The Safe Outdoor Space at Regis University will move to Barnum. Photo courtesy of Regis University

The SOS sites are operated by Colorado Village Collaborative (CVC), which opened the tent spaces in January of last year. They are temporary shelter spots for people who are looking for permanent housing.

“I think what’s new and different about this site is that it expands on a pre-existing partnership with St. Francis Center, and this is just taking it to the next level,” said Jennifer Forker, the communications director for CVC.

Cuica Montoya, the Safe Outdoor Space coordinator for CVC, said all amenities that were provided at the Regis site, such as a shower trailer, restrooms, and supportive services will be provided at the Barnum site as well.

The St. Francis Center of the Five Points neighborhood will manage and provide services for the site in collaboration with CVC. Montoya said another informational meeting was held in early June, and based on that meeting a good neighbor agreement could be formed with the surrounding neighborhood organizations.

CVC operates three SOS sites, one on the 800 block of Elati Street in the La Alma neighborhood and another site at the Denver Human Services east branch building in Clayton.

During the time the site has been at Regis, 24 people have been connected to housing services and 114 sheltered there. There are 48 people currently residing at the location, and CVC stated half of them are seeking housing assistance.


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