Petunia Bakeshop: Sweetening the Corner of 23rd and Federal

By Nora Ridgeway

The unassuming white building on the corner of West 23rd Avenue and Federal Boulevard has a new purpose: bringing sweet treats and baked goods to the Sloan’s Lake and Jefferson Park neighborhoods.

The building, formerly Cake Depot, is now home to Petunia Bakeshop. The only indication the building has transformed into a bakery is a three-foot-tall wooden sign with cursive lettering announcing “bakery” placed next to the front door each morning.

One employee stated the lack of signage could explain why a majority of their current traffic comes by word of mouth, though she added the bakery is not hurting for customers as people continue to come back for more.

The “Blueberry CC Danish” from Petunia Bakeshop. Photo courtesy of Petunia Bakeshop.

All items are made from scratch in house, including weekly flavors of scones like blueberry and bacon with cheddar. Other popular items include danishes (strawberry, raspberry, cream cheese, blueberry, etc.), jack rolls, and monkey bread.

On the weekends, the shop sells a variety of homemade breads. For those allergic to or avoiding gluten, fear not. The bakery offers a rotating selection of gluten-free goods such as lemon loaf, blueberry muffins, and Nutella bread.

A large poster behind the counter indicates new items, including at present the “Abuelita Mocha,” a beverage consisting of Mexican hot chocolate, espresso, and steamed milk. One employee stated the bakery has had repeated requests to bring back their cinnamon twists, also listed as a new item but recently sold out due to popularity.

The shop is a peaceful place to work or simply sit and observe passersby given the large windows letting in natural light, Wi-Fi, and plentiful tables and chairs. The bakeshop is currently open Thursday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Curbside pickup is available.

With friendly employees and tasty pastries, the “bake the world a better place” sign dangling near the cash register feels quite apropos.

Petunia Bakeshop is located at 3000 W. 23rd Ave. To order online, visit www.petuniabakeshop. com


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