Letter: Home Visitors Help

Last week, I worked with 11 families with young children in Denver. I spent time with each family, showing them how playing with simple tools, like bubble solution and pipe cleaners, or water and plastic cups, can build fine motor skills and stimulate brain development in young children.

As a home visitor in Denver, my job is to work alongside families with young children to lay the foundation for lifelong learning and wellbeing. My job brings me great joy, but I know it also brings about great change for children, their parents and their communities. In fact, research shows that home visiting programs promote maternal health and have a long-term positive impact on children’s academic achievement. Home visiting even supports families to become economically self-sufficient by helping parents pursue career opportunities.

Data tells us that families participating in Home Visiting gain from the program, but society as a whole also benefits from Home Visiting. For every tax dollar we spend on Home Visiting, we save between $1.80 and $5.70. This is why I am asking Colorado’s members of Congress to reauthorize federal funding for home visiting. This funding, known as MIECHV, will expire on Sept. 30.

Congress must act to support valuable home visiting programs across Colorado and the United States. Join me in helping Colorado’s children and families thrive by calling on Congress to reauthorize MIECHV.

– Erika Echeverria, Denver


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