Dear North Denver Community, A Love Note from Local 46

By The Owners of Local 46

Sometimes it’s hard to find the words, today is one of those days. It’s hard to properly express the overwhelming gratitude we have for our community, you.

Local 46 was what it was because of you. We had a beautiful biergarten, an excellent portfolio of Local musicians and artists, a funky vintage, raw vibe and an exceptional team, but it’s more than that and it’s been hard to pinpoint what exactly “it” was.

But over these last weeks, well years, of goodbyes, you have helped make it very clear. It is the deep sense of community that Local provided. It was not selective, it was inclusive. It was the old timer sharing stories of North Denver’s rich history, the parent, a child, the teacher, the student, the hipster, the freak, the loner and the socialite, the liberal, the conservative, the young and the old of all races and classes. All were welcomed into our home, the only requirement; be respectful and kind.

We are so glad you came. Community is something that has to come organically, it can’t be forced or manipulated but it is unmistakable when you sense it. Local 46 ended up being more than we ever could have imagined, a home to many, on both sides of the bar.

Blood, sweat, tears… and a whole lot of laughing and dancing! Weddings, engagements, memorials, birthdays, showers, fundraisers, celebrations of all kinds we shared with our friends and neighbors. We plan to make the most out of these final weeks and hope you will come have a final toast with us.

We will continue to bring you as much live music as we can until those disco lights go out for good. So, North Denver (and beyond), thank you for welcoming us into your lives and for sharing so much with us, we are honored.

We knew that we had touched a lot of folks over the years but the outpouring of love since we announced our closing has been an experience of a lifetime… now we are the ones touched, by your stories, your memories and your tears.

A special place dies on Sept. 30 and will leave a hole in our hearts… but we know it lives on in us all, take that respect, kindness and community with you and spread it!

– Love, Local 46 Bar & Biergarten

P.S.: It was always our biggest desire to be able to save our sweet corner somehow. We tried, but we knew this would likely become our reality. We are heartbroken, nevertheless, to say goodbye to it all.

There has been some confusion and we do want to clarify that we did not “sell out”! Our lease was up, and they sold the building and two adjoining properties for over $7 million to developers. About 90 dwelling units coming soon.


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