Local 46 Owners Take Over Edgewater Inn

By Eric Heinz

Niya and Grant Gingerich are back in business. The former owners of Local 46, a popular bar and restaurant that was at the corner of 46th Avenue and Tennyson Street before closing last year, are under contract to take over the longtime Edgewater Inn, 5302 W. 25th Ave. Niya said the closing date is Jan. 20.

“Ironically, I had stumbled in here, probably seven months ago,” Niya said. “In high school, this was my go-to pizza spot. My high school boyfriend lived around the corner, so we used to come here all the time, and then it had just kind of fallen off my radar.”

The couple decided to purchase the pizza parlor and bar after running into Carolyn DiPietro and her daughter, Haley, who have run it since 2012. Josephine and Ben DiPietro founded the restaurant in 1953.

“We were just bonding over restaurant stuff, and she said, ‘This is on the DL, but we are listing this place for sale. You should buy it,’” Niya said. “The minute it sinks in, I’m thinking this is like the perfect place. It’s this old, historic, cool legend.”

The former owners of Local 46 are under contract to purchase the longtime Edgewater Inn at 5302 W. 25th Ave. Photo courtesy of Edgewater Inn

Niya said they are looking to keep some of the traditional drinks and food that has kept the Edgewater Inn running for 70 years. The second phase after closing on the property is to recreate the cohesive atmosphere that made Local 46 such a popular hangout, which will include a patio in the existing second bar/dining room area.

“As mentioned, this space is in place and fully functional, bringing our culture and loyal following from Local 46 to Edgewater right away,” according to an update posted to the inn’s website. “We plan to build out a hand crafted biergarten/patio space full of beautiful landscaping.”

Edgewater Inn is open noon to 10 p.m. on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday; noon to midnight Friday and Saturday. Check edgewaterinnpizza.com for updates.

According to the restaurant’s website, the kitchen will stay open until 10 p.m. nightly “to provide a fresh and local food option to other restaurant industry folks.”


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  1. I have been coming to Edgewater Inn since I was a child in 1965 and will continue to do so as long as you don’t change the pizzas!!

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