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Little Man Grand Reopening Ice Cream Social Distancing Party

May 23, 2020 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Little Man Ice Cream Reopens Memorial Day Weekend-Spreading sweet joy with a few new rules and a simple truth-
DENVER, CO- (May 19, 2020). Little Man Ice Cream is ending its hiatus in time for Memorial Day Weekend. Beginning Thursday, May 21 all six of the company’s locations will swing open their doors to bring back a summer essential, ice cream. It will be celebrating with an ice cream social distancing party on Saturday, May 23 from 2-4pm featuring entertainment (socially distanced, naturally) by some of its favorite local musicians and a few sweet surprises.
Although the brand was never required to close due to its grab-and-go business model, the ice cream emporium chose to do so in support of the “Stay-at-Home” order and to protect its staff and guests from the spread of COVID-19.  During the closure, owner Paul Tamburello and his team have worked with leaders from throughout the food and beverage industry to establish new norms and best practices in a jittery world that has no playbook. The management group has retooled its operations and procedures for its six locations in Denver and Fort Collins to ensure it is prioritizing the community’s health and safety.
Some of the “new rules” being implemented to protect the staff and community include new approaches for easier access to grab-and-go pints, creating safe distancing practices in its infamous lines, eliminating seating, large scale events, cash and flavor sampling, as well as stringent sanitization, hand washing, team temperature checks, mask and glove policies. It will uphold the city charter, in section 24-16 D.R.M.C. for guests to wear masks or face coverings, as well. With evolving regulations and guidance from the city and state, it will continually review and adapt its procedures, as necessary.
Tamburello reflects on the changing landscape of social interaction filled with new rules and truths. Many of them fly in the face of the company’s mission to create a community gathering place that attracts large crowds for its ice cream and nightly summer events.  “These are unique and unprecedented times. I realize that everybody is handling this situation differently and has different levels of concern regarding the situation. While we are all in the same storm, we might be in different boats. Often, we don’t know the health of our teammates, our friends and neighbors or the health conditions of the people they go home to. It’s in the spirit of mutual respect that we are attempting to do what we can to keep all of our teams and guests healthy during this time.” He further acknowledges, “I’m sure any implementation of new rules and guidelines will be met with both praise and criticism, however, I am encouraging all of us to have the attitude that a little inconvenience to make my neighbor feel safe is just that…a minor inconvenience.”
To ensure that the flavor of a Little Man summer can be enjoyed at home, as well, community events are being reimagined for 2020. The company is looking at everything from a virtual summer camp, to online jam sessions supporting local musicians, to a “Saturday Sofa Swing” that keeps the rock-step going with Kenny Nelson’s Swingin’ Denver providing virtual swing dance lessons at home. 
Tamburello is charged up with positive energy and creativity in this brave new world filled with undulating truths. “So much of the Little Man experience is about building community. So whether it’s on one of our plazas or with a pint in our guest’s home interacting virtually, community is still at the heart of what we do. This summer is all about the love we share with one another to keep each other safe. In this time of uncertainty, we have one truth we know for sure…” https://www.facebook.com/LittleManIceCream/videos/236134234503691/