Landmark Designation of Chapel on Hold as Buyer Comes Forward

A prospective buyer for the Olinger Moore Howard Chapel mortuary at 4345 W. 46th Ave. has come forward, and all involved have agreed to extend an existing pause in efforts to designate the property as a landmark.

As reported last month, the current owner, SCI Funeral Services, and developer, Koelbel & Co., had previously expressed their intent to demolish the building to make way for 58 townhomes, but community advocates petitioned the Denver Landmark Commission and won unanimous approval for landmark designation. 

That designation must first be approved by City Council, and the hearing was initially set for Sept. 16, but working with a mediator, advocates agreed to a pause in the designation process when SCI and Koelbel agreed to consider potential other buyers that would reuse the building in some fashion. 

That pause was to have ended with a City Council public hearing on the designation on Nov. 12, but the parties agreed to extend the pause until Jan. 31, 2020, when the prospective new buyer came forward. 

Any other potential buyers are advised to come forward as soon as possible to ensure sufficient time to complete the sale process prior to the pause being lifted. Interested parties should contact Steve Charbonneau at 303-717-2167 or


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