Bucket List Showcases What North Denver has to Offer

Vicky Collins spends her days working with some of the top national television programs in the country, but her other interests are much more local. With her dog Ca$h, she roams North Denver finding interesting people, businesses and events to share with the community. 

Vicky Collins

Vicky said she always wanted to open a brick and mortar coffee shop/art gallery/community space and, while she still might, in the meantime, she’s doing it virtually. 

Her goal is to “bring together the diverse neighborhoods of North Denver,” she said, and her posts on her site Bucket List Community Cafe Northwest Denver include everything from highlighting local businesses to amplifying news stories applicable to North Denver to taking and sharing beautiful photos of North Denver communities. 

You can find the Bucket List Community Cafe Northwest Denver on Facebook at @bucketlistcommunitycafe. On the lighter side of news, you can expect a fair amount about our four-legged friends.

“I love dogs. My dog is part of my team,” she said over a cup of coffee at Tenn St Coffee & Books, one of her favorites.


That means post about dogs, places to bring dogs and, yes, how humans need to be cleaning up after their dogs. 

She also wants a place where people can talk about some of the more serious topics in the neighborhood, including growth.

That means she has an eye on many of the same topics you’ll hear at Registered Neighborhood Organization meetings or in a community newspaper, such as the Olinger Moore Howard-Berkeley Park Funeral Chapel redevelopment, the (new again) Yates theater, food halls, and other new developments happening in North Denver.

If you’re looking for a great social media source to follow for local happenings, check out @bucketlistcommunitycafe on Facebook. Vicky and Ca$h will see you there!


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