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How a House Full of DJs Adapt During Stay-At-Home Orders

With bars and clubs closed, Christian Foresee now does livestream shows from his house

My fiance and I walk our dog through Sunnyside every day. During social distancing, this is one of the few activities that gets us out of the house, but “out of the house” doesn’t always equal “exciting.” That is, of course, until the day we saw a scene that could have been out of the 1995 cult classic film “Empire Records.” There, in the middle of our neighborhood, on an ordinary roof, on an ordinary day, was a man with his DJ equipment, performing a set.

Christian Foresee and James Mullins were accustomed to playing at bars and clubs but, like everyone else, had to figure out how to adapt when stay-at-home orders went into effect. Along with a third roommate who is also a DJ, they were holed up in their home in Sunnyside. Looking for a way to continue performing, they took their sets online, setting up their gear in their house, and at times on their roof. 

“There’s so many new avenues for us with live streams,” said Foresee, noting that while they are performing it’s a huge lifestyle adjustment. “Going from a very social lifestyle to none at all is an adjustment for sure.”

Mullins agreed, saying the lack of live performances is not just hard on them socially, but financially as well. “I’m hanging in there — just going day by day.” He’s picked up work at a local pizza shop.

The two said their music embraces the principle of “PLUR:” peace, love, unity, and respect. Foresee said he and his roommates are “trying to bring some happiness — we want people to dance and have a good time.” 

They said many of their performances on the roof were popular with neighbors who would come out to the street to listen, but they pulled them back inside to be courteous to neighbors who didn’t enjoy the daytime concerts.

If you’re interested in checking out their music, find them online:

James Mullins Facebook: or Instagram: @JukeKnobz

Christian Foresee Facebook: or mixcloud:


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