North Denver Family Wins Community Engagement Award

Gilbert Vasquez and his family have donated their time and energy to the Delores Project for over 15 years. The Delores Project provides services to women experiencing homelessness and advocates for housing solutions.

(left to right) Gilvert Vasquez, Brenda Vasquez, Luis Vasquez, and Stephanie Miller, CEO of the Delores Project

The first Thursday of each month, the family prepares dinner for more than 60 people. Lily Redford, Volunteer Coordinator for The Delores Project, said “The Vasquez family is critical to the mission of The Delores Project. They have lasted longer than most staff members and have referred countless volunteers that continue to support the mission.”

“It’s humbling to get the award, especially given the history,” said Brenda Vasquez. “My husband loves to cook and has a big heart. It’s something my family could do together.”

The family has chosen to donate the $2,000 award to The Delores Project.  

The Minoru Yasui Community Volunteer Award has been honoring extraordinary volunteers for the past 43 years. The award was conceived by the Commission on Community Relations in 1975 to recognize and promote volunteerism by honoring an individual each month whose volunteer contributions are constructive, unique, and outstanding. More than 475 non-profits have recognized exceptional volunteers.  

If you know of someone making a difference and would like to nominate them, to read more about the award’s history, or if you would like to donate, please visit:


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