What Does a Community Resource Officer Do?

Greetings to The Denver North Star readers from Denver Police Department District 1

A reader question came up recently wondering what a Community Response Officer (CRO) does for the Denver Police Department in terms of working with members of the community.

Officer Bob Anderson

Great question and I will share some of the ways a Community Resource Officer can be a benefit to you.

Community Resource Officers provide assistance on issues such as neighborhood disputes, public nuisances, zoning issues, crime prevention and other neighborhood concerns that may not necessarily rise to the level of a criminal event.  We also work with other city agencies that may need to become involved in issues that don’t fall under police authority.  Of course, we still do regular police work as well and we partner with all the different units throughout the police department in order to effectively serve the community needs.

Community Resource Officers regularly attend community meetings to share information with the community on current crime trends and any other items of concern that may come up.

A program I would like to highlight this month is an assessment report that DPD offers that is referred to as a CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design). This is simply a report, with the goal of preventing crime, that involves a specially trained police officer coming to your business or residence and offering advice and tips so that your location can be more secure.

If you think you can benefit from speaking with or working with a CRO, please call your nearest Denver Police Station and ask to speak with a member of the CRO team.

Thank you and stay safe.

Officer Bob 


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