Limited Government, Increased Participation Drive Price to Run

Grant Price was frustrated his party didn’t have a candidate for the state house, so he stepped forward. “I was sitting at the Republican caucus and realized people need a choice,” said Price. Price, an estimator for a steel pipe manufacturing company, was born in Colorado, grew up just over the Denver line in Northglenn, and, after a few years in Washington state, moved into the district in 2004. 

Grant Price

“I’m a constitutional conservative,” explained Price. “I believe our nation was founded on principles of freedom and equality.” Price believes that the Colorado state government isn’t as responsive to citizens as it once was, a result of one party control. “I’d like to go back to where we can sit down and have a discussion and not just be shouting at each other,” adding that he believes in “limited government, freedom, and equal rights. People should drive government, not the government driving the people.”

One of his largest frustrations is Governor Polis’ extensive use of executive orders, which he calls “heavy handed.” Watching businesses struggle and close in the pandemic, he’s worried about future businesses closing and job losses. “Early on, when people didn’t know what was going on it made sense,” said Price of the orders limiting business operations. After Colorado successfully flattened the curve and COVID numbers dropped, he hoped to see regulations lifted but was alarmed when many were kept in place. “Destroying our economy isn’t the right answer.”

Price, a Republican, knows the likelihood of winning a seat where the incumbent Democrat received 82.7% of the vote last election is low, but he sees running as a chance to discuss values and grow the conservative movement. “Success is to see people show up at caucuses instead of empty seats,” explained Price. He believes many Republicans and Unaffiliated voters are alienated when there’s no choices on the ballot except Democrats and he hopes running can help drive voter turnout. “I’d like to see people return to the polls. I want to see voting numbers increase.”

In addition to his own election, Price is focused on supporting several ballot initiatives, including proposition 115, which prohibits abortions after 22 weeks and proposition 116 which reduces the state income tax from 4.63% to 4.55%.

Grant Price and his incumbent opponent Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez participated in a Denver Decides forum you can watch on channel 8 or online at or


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