79 Reasons to Exercise Even if You Aren’t Feeling Resolved

We all have days when motivation fails us. Luckily, as humans we are able to talk ourselves into doing things we know are good for us even when the “don’t wannas”’ strike. I hope you’ll borrow these reasons the next time you need one to get up and get moving. Did I miss one you use on yourself? Please share it so I can add it to my list. And repeat after me. “I exercise because…

  1. Exercise boosts our immune system
  2. It makes me feel confident
  3. It helps me get stronger
  4. Exercise helps combat depression
  5. I’ll feel proud of myself
  6. I have goals I want to reach
  7. It improves my heart health
  8. I want a great butt
  9. It prevents diabetes
  10. I want to be a good example to my kids (partner, neighbor, dog…)
  11. I want to feel good in my clothes
  12. It reduces my risk of cancer
  13. My body was made to move
  14. I want to look healthy
  15. It lifts my mood
  16. I want to stand taller
  17. It reduces back pain
  18. It feels good
  19. It makes me feel accomplished
  20. I spend most of my day on my butt
  21. Dieting only works so much
  22. It strengthens my bones
  23. It’s a great way to spend “me” time
  24. It helps me de-stress
  25. It can enhance the benefits of professional mental health care 
  26. I want to be strong
  27. I want to take care of myself
  28. I am grateful to my body
  29. It strengthens my legs (arms, core, feet, hands, tongue…)
  30. I want to push myself
  31. I am capable of more than I ever imagined
  32. Moving my body feels good
  33. It keeps my mind sharp
  34. It helps banish bloating
  35. It helps me sleep better at night
  36. It gives me energy
  37. I want to stay healthy as I age
  38. Exercise improves balance
  39. Sweat is sexy
  40. I want to live longer
  41. I want to get better at my job
  42. Exercisers earn more money
  43. I’m more likely to eat better when I exercise
  44. I want to breathe easier
  45. I want to see the scale drop
  46. Exercise improves my sex life
  47. I am worth it
  48. Being fit makes everything in life better
  49. I promised myself that I would
  50. I deserve a better life
  51. It’ll help me drink more water
  52. I want to do real push-ups
  53. It reduces my healthcare costs
  54. I’ll miss fewer days of work
  55. I want to create a new future for myself
  56. It’ll help me like what I see in the mirror
  57. It makes clothing shopping more fun
  58. Exercising can be fun
  59. It’ll make my skin glow
  60. It’s a good way to spend time with my friends
  61. It’ll help prevent age related metabolic slowdown
  62. It reduces my blood pressure
  63. I want to fit into an airplane seat
  64. It strengthens my spirit
  65. It’s an inexpensive way to entertain myself
  66. I need a reason to wear those new workout clothes 
  67. I’m tired of being tired
  68. Not working out isn’t working
  69. It’s a great way to spend time outside
  70. I made a commitment to myself
  71. I’m tired of starting over
  72. There will always be another wedding, vacation, or reunion
  73. It improves cholesterol
  74. It boosts metabolism
  75. It prevents age-related muscle loss
  76. A fit body is more likely a healthy body
  77. Everyone has at least 10 minutes to spare
  78. I want to be stronger than any excuses
  79. The only workout I ever regret is the one I skip

There are hundreds of great reasons to move your body. Some big, some small. Some sort of amusing and some deadly serious. If you are having trouble finding reasons that work for you, I hope you’ll let me or your own trusted health professional know. Helping you find your list is exactly what we are here for.

Erika Taylor is a community wellness instigator at Taylored Fitness, the original online wellness mentoring system. Taylored Fitness believes that everyone can discover small changes in order to make themselves and their communities more vibrant, and that it is only possible to do our best work in the world if we make a daily commitment to our health. Visit facebook.com/erika.taylor.303 or email erika@tayloredfitness.com.


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