March 2021 News Shorts

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No Motorized Boats on Sloan’s Lake This Year

The Denver Parks and Recreation department decided to continue a ban on motorized craft on Sloan’s Lake through 2021. Kayaks, paddleboards, canoes, and other “hand-launched” crafts will continue to be allowed. Denver Parks is conducting an environmental study of different recreational activities on the lake that they say will help them determine future uses. 

Bike Lanes on Lowell Blvd. on Hold For Now

A proposed bikeway on Lowell near Regis University is on hold while the city conducts more studies on the area. According to the city, “the span wire signals at 46th and 50th are not compatible with a two-way protected bike lane as was envisioned,” requiring them to create a different concept for the area. The city is working on new designs this spring and will likely have final designs later this year.

North and West Denver Councilmembers Split on $694,764 DPD New Car Contract

North and West Denver’s councilmembers were split on a contract to approve the purchase of 18 new Chevy Tahoes for the Denver Police Department, with At-Large members Ortega and Kniech and District 1 Councilwoman Sandoval voting in favor. District 3 and 9 councilwomen Torres and CdeBaca voted against during the March 8 meeting. DPD and supporters said the department needed new “pursuit vehicles.” Answering a question about why the department is purchasing large, inefficient vehicles for urban use, department representatives said there are no electric vehicles currently on the market that meet their need and that smaller sedans have also been discontinued by manufacturers. The contract was approved.

Sloan’s Lake Area Church Property Sold, Single Family Homes Planned

A church at 27th and Utica has been sold to Blvdway Communities, a Denver-based homebuilder. The former church has been mostly unused since 2019 and is around 70 years old. The majority of the neighborhood around the site is also single family homes. The property is over 1.5 acres and ten single family homes are expected to be built on the site.

Dennis Gallagher Launches Podcast

Dennis Gallagher, who may hold a record for number of titles in Colorado, is adding another one: podcast creator. The former Auditor, City Councilman, State Senator, and State Representative has started a podcast talking about everything ranging from his insights into history to the “blood sport” of politics. If you’re looking for more information from North Denver’s most famous loquacious statesman than his word count restricted column in The Denver North Star permits him, you can find his podcast on YouTube at “Gallagher’s World.”


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