DPS Board Hires Investigation Firm After Director Anderson is Accused of Sexual Assault

In late March, Black Lives Matter 5280 released a statement with an unnamed woman coming forward alleging that Tay Anderson, a director at-large on the Denver Public Schools Board of Education, was “the perpetrator of her sexual assault.” The statement said the woman was seeking a public apology and that Anderson “seek help from a licensed professional.”

Tay Anderson
Denver Public Schools Director At-large Tay Anderson has denied any wrongdoing and says he welcomes an investigation

Anderson has denied any wrongdoing. He’s said he is a strong believer in restorative justice but he doesn’t believe he’s committed any acts of sexual misconduct and can’t apologize for actions he didn’t commit. “I welcome any and all fair investigations into the anonymous claims which have been made against me. I have done nothing which would substantiate claims of sexual assault or unlawful behaviors,” said Anderson in a recent public statement.

Shortly after the initial allegations, several members of Never Again Colorado came forward with additional claims of misconduct. Never Again Colorado was a gun reform organization that’s no longer active. The group’s former vice president told The Denver Post that Anderson “used his position as president to pressure women who were on the board or wanted to become involved into sleeping with him.”

Anderson refuted the allegations. 

Director Anderson has repeatedly said he welcomes an investigation, and on April 6, the DPS Board of Education announced they hired Investigations Law Group to conduct an independent investigation into the allegations:

Statement from DPS Board:

In response to allegations made public against Denver Public Schools Board Director Tay Anderson, and in fairness to all parties involved, the Denver Public Schools Board of Education is authorizing a thorough and independent fact-finding investigation. The Board has secured an agreement with Investigations Law Group

In our role as a Board, our first commitment is to serving the students, employees and community of Denver Public Schools. We want to create space for all members of our community to be heard, while we also ensure a fair process for everyone involved. Director Anderson has been informed about this investigation and supports a fair and thorough process. 

The Board looks forward to an independent view of the facts while we continue to serve the DPS community and focus on the important work of identifying a new superintendent and supporting our schools and students as we continue to reinvent education in the midst of a pandemic. Until the investigation is complete, the board will not make any additional statement.

Should you wish to contribute to the fact-finding process, please contact Investigations Law Group at interviews@ilgdenver.com. All communication will remain confidential. 

Note: This is a rapidly evolving story; The Denver North Star will update with additional information as it becomes available. We felt it was in the public interest to print the contact information for Investigations Law Group for any North Denver residents who wish to contribute to the fact-finding process.


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