Linden Early Learning Center Expands at Faith Lutheran Church

Linden Early Learning Center accepts kids as young as six weeks old, through kindergarten. Photo by Nora Ridgeway

The Linden Early Learning Center off Eliot Street and 48th Avenue is expanding! The center, though located on Faith Lutheran Church property that once housed a school for hundreds of Christian children, is not affiliated with the church.

The Linden Early Learning Center is a relationship-based preschool for students ranging from six weeks to kindergarten age. Their leased space boasts colorful classrooms of varying sizes, a bathroom with tiny amenities for children learning to use toilets, and three outdoor playgrounds. As it stands now, the center has roughly forty children enrolled, and pending an approved license, the newly renovated space will allow the daycare to double their capacity.

With one teacher for every five kids, children will enjoy individualized instruction from the Teaching Strategies Gold curriculum to best suit their needs. The center has mixed-age classrooms that foster a sense of community and allow for continuity, as students get to remain with the same teacher for a few years rather than switching every six months to a year.

Per the center’s website, parents are encouraged to peek into the “busy, happy, noisy, creative classrooms.” Often, parents observing classrooms will notice children at play. This is because the teachers and staff of the center recognize play as an integral part of child growth and development.

Director Susan Rider is a Colorado State alum who has spent the past fifty years working in the childhood education field, forty of which were spent in North Denver. She currently teaches early childhood education courses at Red Rocks Community College in addition to overseeing the learning center.

“We’re here for the neighborhood. That’s our goal,” states Rider.

Monthly tuition ranges from $1,550 to $1,750 depending on the child’s age. Prospective parents can schedule a tour of the learning center, or enroll their students, online at or over the phone at 303-477-0313.


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