Snow Days at the Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus

Photos courtesy of Children’s Museum of Denver

The Children’s Denver Museum at Marsico Campus opened a new multi-faceted winter wonderland experience, Snow Days.

Outside the museum doors is a multitude of fun winter activities where kids can enjoy a snow hill with real snow for sledding and snowman making, a sock skating rink, fireplaces, a hot chocolate bar, a life size snow globe and “snow balls,” a miniature curling rink for anyone wanted to try their hand at the Olympic sport, an ice house fishing game, and more.

Colorful sleds and snow tools are provided for sledding and snowballs, an experience some kids otherwise might miss out on this year. “We’ve heard from our educators of it being the first time kiddos have seen snow and the pure joy,” Kimber Kuhl, Associate Director of Marketing and Communications at the Children’s Museum, said.

“Given the weather that we’ve had this year, people are looking for a way to find that holiday spirit,” she added.

The exhibit features activities for all ages and is baby friendly. “We have a little bit of something for everyone here, you can be with your little one in the ball pit, and we have the fireplaces if it ever does get cold.”

Parents who want to guide their child around the sock skating rink can leave their shoes on as the special material is only slippery when wearing socks or the booties provided by the museum. The snow globe allows for one household group at a time, making for a great photo op, and the large lawn chairs around the fire pits make for a relaxing break area. While the snow hill is packed with kids tumbling out of sleds, parents can watch from close by or join the fun.

Kuhl stated that a large portion of the museum’s admissions come from access programs. “We’re part of the SNAP access initiative,” she said. The initiative allows anyone on SNAP who shows their EBT card to bring up to nine people for only $1 each.

The Children’s Museums’ goal is to provide extraordinary experiences that support kid-powered learning and the joys of childhood. With the Snow Days exhibit, families from all communities can learn, grow and explore together while enjoying a hands-on and engaging play space packed with things to do.

With COVID still happening, “we need families to be outdoors in the winter,” Kuhl pointed out. “[We want] to offer a safe space for families to enjoy experiences in the outdoors.”

While the museum does require masks to be worn inside, they are not required outside where the exhibit is.

This brand new interactive installation will remain at the museum until Feb. 27 with 150 reservations available every 30 minutes from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and is open Wednesdays-Sundays.

To make a reservation, please visit


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