It’s Easy to Love Victory Love + Cookies

By David Sabados

For 14 years, Victory Love + Cookies has been the second business tucked into Denver Bread Company on 32nd Avenue.

Now, the cookies are taking their place in the spotlight. Kristy Greenwood Bortz started as a baker with Denver Bread Company. While battling breast cancer 14 years ago, her friends and other local businesses raised money to help her pay medical bills, creating the “Kristy Greenwood Victory Fund.”

After recovering and looking for a change of pace from baking bread, she realized she had the name for her new cookie business. Victory Love + Cookies has a love story too. She and Denver Bread Company owner Greg Bortz held a surprise wedding five years ago after the heat of the ovens turned into the heat of romance years prior.

Whether your tastes are more traditional or exotic, Victory Love + Cookies likely has something for you. Photo courtesy of Victory Love + Cookies

Now, after nearly three decades, Bortz is “semi-retiring,” coming in one week each month to make bread while Greenwood Bortz’s business will be operating full-time. If you’re looking for the traditional chocolate chip, oatmeal, and such, you can certainly find those at the store.

Ginger has been the number one seller for 14 years, which Greenwood Bortz refers to as her “desert island cookie”—the one she’d have if she could only choose one cookie to eat. What sets Victory Love + Cookies apart, though, is their unique flavors.

Kristy Greenwood Bortz

“I can guarantee no one else has pink peppercorn with rose petals,” Greenwood Bortz said, adding that many of their flavors are geared more toward adults than kids.

They are less sweet, and she can often recommend a good wine pairing from a local shop. Peppercorn and rose petal cookies go well with a rosé wine, for instance. She’s also held pairings with local whiskey and beer companies in the past.

The menu is always changing to take advantage of seasonal, often organic ingredients that can’t be found year-round. A current favorite is apricot poppy seed, which is only available for a limited time. Several chocolate options include imported European chocolates simply not available elsewhere either.

In addition to their storefront sales, Greenwood Bortz said they are moving into more boxed options. They now ship cookies to hungry customers around the country and are starting to do more boxes for businesses looking for a tasty treat for their employees as well.

Whether your tastes lean more toward the traditional or exotic, stop by the store at 32nd and Irving, or check out options online at For bread lovers looking to still buy Bortz’s bread options, dates he’s in are on the website or voicemail at 303-455-7194.


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