Nurture is Taking the Wholistic Wellness Ecosystem of North Denver up a Notch

While the Denver office vacancy rate reached its highest levels in over a decade, there’s one place in North Denver having no issue filling space.  

Even if you haven’t visited Nurture, nestled next to Saint Dominic’s Catholic Church on Federal, you may have noticed the artwork on the outside of the recently renovated building. I first approached the building prepared to try out a new health conscious cafe, but at Nurture you will find much more than a healthy lunch.

Photos courtesy of Nurture

Let’s start at the beginning. In 2018, founders Peter Strauss, Dr. Nikki Dority, and Kelly Campbell had a vision: what if there were a space where people could meet all their self-care needs under one roof? Three years and a global pandemic later, Nurture has gone above and beyond that mission expanding into what they call a “community-based wellcare marketplace”. Today, it houses over 70 independent beauty, wellness, healthcare, and lifestyle businesses in addition to their café, event space, movement space, infrared sauna, Himalayan salt room, and even childcare services. 

While the first floor houses the childcare center, Nest café, a rentable movement room, rentable event space, and a few retail lifestyle stores, the upstairs is a maze of small offices rented by independent providers. Taking a stroll through the office space feels a bit like Disneyland for the health-conscious Denverite. There are black doors on your left and right with the names of different local businesses or professional practitioners on it: acupuncturists, psycho-therapists, intuitive healers, physician’s assistants, pediatricians, and even an entire toxin-free hair salon. Need micro-needling? A haircut? Botox? Lunch? You’ve come to the right place.  

Even as the vacancy rates at Denver office spaces are at record highs, Nurture has filled every single one of its offices and has a waitlist of providers hoping to get in.

“I think of our space at Nurture as a place to do outreach and connect with like-minded people” said Martin Hinsen, one of the 70 providers at Nurture and an instructor at Herbalism Roots. “Our students get to learn and engage here… It’s one thing to study herbalism from books, but it’s a new level of learning and integration when you apply it to real people’s issues.” He went on to say that oftentimes practitioners on the floor will walk their clients to the apothecary. The space’s mission attracts like-minded, health-focused professionals and works as a natural referral system, supporting the ecosystem of health and wellness practitioners in Denver.

It goes without saying that the space, though bustling, is carefully distanced and COVID-safe. After a year of remote work and countless hours in my home, it is refreshing to witness moments of synchronicity as providers and lunch-goers worked, planned and connected with each other.

If you’re interested in dipping a toe in, recommitting to your 2021 health goals, or exploring a list of the providers in the space, you can browse a full list of providers at or take a look at their calendar of in-person and virtual events. 

As our community reemerges from a year of pandemic-life, Nurture is poised to become an even deeper place of mental, physical, and emotional healing for the North Denver community.

Nina Bernardin lives in the Potter Highlands neighborhood of North Denver, and loves sustainability, getting outdoors, and exploring new local businesses. She will be highlighting a new business each month.


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